Dizzy Boyz Brass Band

Do you know what connects the world’s greatest hits, which make you dance? In each of them, wind instruments play an important role: saxophones, trombone, tuba and trumpets, along with the percussion that binds them together. Such a set of instruments comes from the tradition of New Orleans brass bands and is a ready recipe for a unique, energetic sound.

This was the idea of Jakub Domański, the founder of the Dizzy Boyz Brass Band. In 2013, he created a band performing in a typical New Orleans brass band and performing covers of the greatest hits of popular music, film music and jazz. Dizzy Boyz Brass Band’s repertoire includes the most famous hits of artists such as Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. The band has performed at many music festivals in Poland and Europe, including at Pfullendorf Brass Festival, International Trumpet Guild, Enter Enea Festival, Made in Chicago or Net Fest Music Showcase & Conference. So far, Dizzy Boyz Brass Band has released two albums.