Los Pitutos

Los Pitutos is a Chilean-Colombian band, founded in Berlin in 2015, which specialises in adaptations of cumbias, Boleros and other musical Rythms from latinamerica in their compositions influenced by musical movements from the 60 and 70s in North America such as funk, Soul, Boogaloo among others, leading to a unique mixture which captivates its audience and brings it to Latin America on a one way ticket. Founded by classically trained young Chilean and Colombian musicians, who all came to Germany to study and to work, Los Pitutos manages to resurrect a bygone world, a world full of longing, warm Latin – American nights and charm of the slower century.

Los Pitutos have performed throughout Germany, including on the stage of the famous Berlin and Munich Philharmonics. They regularly perform in German jazz clubs, at European music festivals, and as soloists with symphony orchestras.

Álvaro Zambrano (vocal, keyboard) – a classically educated opera singer with many years of experience as a soloist at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Matías Piñeira (horn, vocals) – the youngest French horn player admitted to the Symphonic Orchestra de Chile, currently a soloist of the Munich Philharmonic

Pablo Camus (guitar) – a graduate of the Universidad Católica de Chile, he plays the guitar and Colombian tiple in various projects with Latin music, mainly Cuban, Brazilian, Chilean and Mozambican.

Tomás Peralta (double bass, guitar, keyboard) – a graduate of studies in Argentina, The Hague and Fribourg, majoring in double bass, composition, conducting and harpsichord. He currently works as a session bass player and producer in several soul, R’n’B, pop and jazz bands.

Cristian Betancourt (drums, vocals) – graduated from Latin American percussion specialization in Venezuela and Colombia, as well as from the University of Arts in Berlin.