Michał Tomaszczyk

expressive trombone and imaginative compositions have made him a fixture on the modern European jazz scene – particularly in his native Poland and his adopted home of Sweden. An award winning instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer, and educator, Michał’s career has been defined by creativity and versatility. Currently, he is the lead Trombonist for the famed Swedish Norrbotten Big Band, with whom he regularly tours and records.

Michał’s latest work shows him evolving into an artist of rare depth, combining a reverence vintage jazz with a willingness to consistently explore new sonic territory. After years of performing at festivals and clubs around the world, Michał’s major breakthrough arrived with 2020’s ‘Sketches From The North.’ Recorded with double bass virtuoso Petter Olofsson, the album was inspired largely by the majesty of the Scandinavian wilderness and showcased Michał’s keen sense of melody. Rapturously received by critics, the album earned Michał his first Fryderyk (Polish Grammy).

Prior to his solo breakthrough, Michał founded the Biotone Quartet and Konglomerat Big Band, each of which gained popularity and acclaim in Poland. He has continually led a prolific career as a sideman, appearing on albums from many genres from folk to pop and hip-hop, as well as several film and television soundtracks. He has been recognized with many awards, both as a composer and performer.In recent years, Michał has continued to create at a rapid pace. His upcoming record, ‘Zadora,’ is bold and mature. Featuring his signature trombone and flugabone playing, it reveals his mastery of harmony and interplay between like-minded musicians. While firmly rooted in jazz, the record takes on a cinematic grandeur, making for an all-immersive listening experience. Michał’s love of jazz is unwavering, and his stature within the genre continues to grow with each new project